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Of course I'm biased, but I'm certainly not alone when I say that choosing a good photographer is one of the most important decisions you can make for your wedding.
After weeks and months of planning you need to be confident that your photographer will capture your story as it unfolds, capturing it as it happens. That's where I come in.
I make sure I'm there for the unique moments. Because you can't replicate a laugh or a smile. So I'm there for every moment, never in your face but always ready, so that when you get your photos, they tell your story how you remember it in every glorious detail.

Scott & Kirsty

Adam & Ewelina

Dan & Natalie Cyprus Wedding

Vicky & Ash

Mike & Emma

Alex & Emily

Why Choose Shutter Happy?

That’s a good question.

Well I could tell you a lot about what I do and what my work ethic is but instead I recommend you look at my photos and see if they fit you. I’ve got the experience and I’ve got the kit. But really what it comes down to is do you love the photos? If you do then let’s meet up! I think it’s very important to meet because your photographer will be a big part of your day and you want to make sure you get on.

I love shooting weddings, a lot of photographers tend to shy away from them because they can be stressful, you are dealing with a lot of people on a very emotional day, but you know, I quite like that. I handle it well if I do say so myself, there’s never a need to shout at anyone to get them in to a photo, that’s absurd! Instead I’ll make them laugh and ask them politely. If you’ve got a difficult uncle I’ll cajole him. A shy niece, then we’ll get photos later when she’s feeling happier and less conscious.

Basically I shoot in a modern reportage style. I shoot from the background so you’re not self conscious. My priority is that you enjoy yourself and have the most amazing day.  Click here to get in touch