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Of course I'm biased, but I'm certainly not alone when I say that choosing a good photographer is one of the most important decisions you can make for your wedding.
After weeks and months of planning you need to be confident that your photographer will capture your story as it unfolds, capturing it as it happens. That's where I come in.
I make sure I'm there for the unique moments. Because you can't replicate a laugh or a smile. So I'm there for every moment, never in your face but always ready, so that when you get your photos, they tell your story how you remember it in every glorious detail.

Scott & Kirsty

Adam & Ewelina

Dan & Natalie Cyprus Wedding

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Welcome to Shutter Happy, The Wedding Photographer For Northampton

Being a Northampton Wedding Photographer is such fun, how could it not? I’m doing the job I love, in Northampton’s many stunning locations. I meet new people all the time, and take photographs they love on their Wedding day.

Because wedding photographers play such an integral role on a wedding day, choosing the right one becomes a very important decision. Obviously it’s imperative to get excellent photos out of your photographer, it’s what your paying them for after all. But as well as that you need to insure that they will get on well with you and your guests.

It’s vital then that you find someone with the ability to take truly brilliant shots but be very personable, so he can put you at ease and then do a great job capturing the memories of the day.

That’s why I always recommend a wedding meeting, because you just can’t beat meeting someone face to face. We get to meet, I get to show you my work, and you get to ask any questions you may have.

I offer free no pressure wedding meetings anywhere in Northamptonshire and beyond, I do home visits at a time convenient to you, and recommend couples not to book on the day but always sleep on it first.

Get in touch today, tomorrow might be too late