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Northampton is bristling with locations for wedding photo-shoots. The essence of the English countryside can be captured in Northampton in the most charming fashion. Couples desirous of getting married here have undeniably made a great choice. It then boils down to how well the frames are frozen and the emotional feel of the occasion is expressed in images. Of the many places, that Northampton offers, here are three locations that should not be missed. Also outlined are strong reasons why local photographers score better than out of town photographers.

Get the bedazzling colours of poppy fields behind the couple

Northampton is typical English countryside. And the expansive poppy fields are a riot of colours that need to be on frame. A couple walking hand in hand across the colourful poppy fields or posing against the vast stretches of farmland will be a delightful picture. The pleasing colours and the open blue sky will be the perfect foil for couple in bridal wear.

Give a touch of history

The little Houghton Village is a quaint little place. The historic churches and village corners with the old world charm can be a wonderful canvas for the couple to pose in pristine bridal attire. The clear atmosphere and the serene location will add a touch of historic interest. Wedding photography that is out of the box will make a far more interesting album than a run of the mill template based one.

Architecture of Northampton Guildhall

British architecture is renowned the world over. Why not showcase it with pride? And what better occasion than a wedding? Head over to the Northampton Guildhall and step onto the cobblestone pavements for that panoramic shot of some of the best British architecture. Stand proud and let the charm of clean streets and intricate designs complement you.

Local photographers have a clear edge over out of town professionals

Tucked away behind a monument may be the most photo friendly and impressive location for a photo shoot. The lighting and the setting may be the most appropriate and safe for an uninterrupted and joyful session. Knowledge of such locations will be unknown to outsiders. Local professional photographers with the right amount of experience and knowledge of the locale will help to frame the best shots. Light in a photo is pivotal to the image. A local photographer will have better knowledge of the conditions, and help to wrap up the best photo shoots in the shortest possible time, without missing opportunities.

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