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Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. How it’s captured depends on the photographer. Leicester is blessed with all the sights for a perfect backdrop to memorable wedding pictures. Take advantage of this gift and choose the best Wedding Photographer to preserve your memories for ever.  Many years after the walk down the aisle, as you flip through the album, you should reminisce as you share. Read on to understand how you can choose the best photographer for your wedding.

Creative perspective and exploitation of lighting

A cute little boutonniere could elevate an image’s elegance. A glamourous shot of a beautiful bride behind a blusher can invite genuine appreciation. A subtle shadow, an emphasizing silhouette, the glow of a candle are all vivid portrayals. It’s all in the angle envisioned by the photographer. And the way light is exploited. The photographer needs to have a creative perspective.  This will arm him to look at small details that will add a lot of value to a shoot.  Ask the photographer to show collages of previous wedding shoots. They need to have many such images that actually capture the mood of the wedding.

Create a checklist for his preparation

A good wedding photo album is a convergence – of the brightest ideas with the best preparation by creative individuals.  Any photographer worth his lenses, needs to be fully prepared. This commences with him scouting the location, checking out the lighting, preparing his gear, knowing the programme and asking about it. The more thorough the preparations, the better the results. An ill prepared photographer is sure to be a bumbling character who could ruin the occasion. Make a mental checklist of the preparations of the photographer.  This will give you a fair idea of his professionalism.

Check the Equipment and experience

Photography calls for skills, but without the right equipment, skills will not have a platform. The right equipment will enhance images and capture emotions that connect. Some pictures evoke the strongest emotions, and these emotions matter the most. Ensure that the photographer has the best equipment and the experience to shoot in weddings. Look for a photographer who has proven credentials in wedding shoots.

Look for photographers who offer specialized and exclusive services for wedding shoots. The whole gamut of services should include photography during engagement, pre-wedding shoots and the actual big day.

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Curtain raisers increase interest in the actual event. Similarly, getting ready shots and candid photography have a natural attraction that make wedding albums more interesting.  Opportunities are aplenty to make for a riveting album through amazing getting ready shots. But, there are some shots that get eyeballs glued to an album. Profiled here, are four such shots that need to be a part of your frozen and timeless memories.

Being assisted with that adorable gown

Gushing and glowing in a carefully designed dress, brides are at their alluring best on the wedding day. The action that goes into putting the finishing touches of the gown on the bride, needs to be captured. The essence of the picture would portray how a bride becomes the cynosure, with a small team of excited bridesmaids and dress experts making the final adjustments. The look of eager anticipation on the bride, captured on lens with a half-turned face waiting for the back adjustments to complete will be an evergreen classic.

Glam up shots – the moment of makeover

Shots of the bride going through the makeover moments are sometimes the most thumbed through images. Everyone likes to have a peek at the moments where the bride gets transformed into an ethereal beauty walking up the aisle, in the gown and veil. Pictures of the makeup brush ever so softly transferring a fine layer of cosmetics to the adorable face are a beauty by itself, that retains interest forever.

Glimpses of girl fun

There is pure joy in the dressing room when girls get together. It is a moment when laughter is the loudest and spontaneous, where no one gets away. A special binding exists among girls, and a wedding, by being one of the biggest moments in a girl’s life is shared in equal joy among close friends. Never miss the opportunity of getting some of these moments pictured.

Quiet moments with proud parents

Often, the parents of the bride overflow with visible emotions as they witness their loving daughter transform into an elegant lady. These moments of pride will never cease to evoke fond memories, and will forever remain the happy tearjerkers.  Insist of freezing these moments of togetherness and the pure unadulterated look of joy on the family. These moments will stand out as some of the most positive, proud and strong emotions of the wedding.

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Northampton is bristling with locations for wedding photo-shoots. The essence of the English countryside can be captured in Northampton in the most charming fashion. Couples desirous of getting married here have undeniably made a great choice. It then boils down to how well the frames are frozen and the emotional feel of the occasion is expressed in images. Of the many places, that Northampton offers, here are three locations that should not be missed. Also outlined are strong reasons why local photographers score better than out of town photographers.

Get the bedazzling colours of poppy fields behind the couple

Northampton is typical English countryside. And the expansive poppy fields are a riot of colours that need to be on frame. A couple walking hand in hand across the colourful poppy fields or posing against the vast stretches of farmland will be a delightful picture. The pleasing colours and the open blue sky will be the perfect foil for couple in bridal wear.

Give a touch of history

The little Houghton Village is a quaint little place. The historic churches and village corners with the old world charm can be a wonderful canvas for the couple to pose in pristine bridal attire. The clear atmosphere and the serene location will add a touch of historic interest. Wedding photography that is out of the box will make a far more interesting album than a run of the mill template based one.

Architecture of Northampton Guildhall

British architecture is renowned the world over. Why not showcase it with pride? And what better occasion than a wedding? Head over to the Northampton Guildhall and step onto the cobblestone pavements for that panoramic shot of some of the best British architecture. Stand proud and let the charm of clean streets and intricate designs complement you.

Local photographers have a clear edge over out of town professionals

Tucked away behind a monument may be the most photo friendly and impressive location for a photo shoot. The lighting and the setting may be the most appropriate and safe for an uninterrupted and joyful session. Knowledge of such locations will be unknown to outsiders. Local professional photographers with the right amount of experience and knowledge of the locale will help to frame the best shots. Light in a photo is pivotal to the image. A local photographer will have better knowledge of the conditions, and help to wrap up the best photo shoots in the shortest possible time, without missing opportunities.

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When it comes to the big day, most brides and some grooms have a clear idea of the kind of wedding they want to have. They spend a lot of time in deciding on the perfect spot to exchange their vows and promise to spend the lifetime together. Many couples even decide on the decoration, guest list, set up, feast and other arrangements for the wedding. However, for capturing this special day, they feel like their job is complete when they hire a good wedding photographer.

This means that when your wedding album arrives, everything is a surprise for you and the photographer may or may not have captured the kind of shots you. It is always helpful to create a list of shots that you want to be taken on the big day and hand it over to your wedding photographer. There is nothing worse than looking at your wedding album and realizing that you do not have a perfect family photo or a photo with your close friends.

Most photographers capture the moments of the exchange of vows, the exchange of rings, the kiss, the cake cutting, and other standard but important shots. However, there are other shots you can ask them to capture based on your preferences.

Here are three wedding shots you absolutely need.

The Prep Shot: A shot capturing both you and your partner getting ready for this grand day is a must. Ask your photographer to capture these shots for the groom and the bride. Brides take more time to get ready and capturing one of her moments, perhaps when a bridesmaid is setting up the veil, would look amazing. Grooms can get this shot captured when they are adjusting their tie or bow.

The Shoe Shot: This shot is especially recommended for brides. The beautiful pair of heels may spend the evening being covered by the wedding gown. So, make sure they get the spotlight they deserve. Get a perfect click of your shoes before the evening arrives. Posing as if you are advancing in your stilettos towards your new life might make for a memorable click.

The Bouquet Shot: This detailed kind of a shot is recommended to capture the very essence of the day. So before you toss your bouquet, capture the beauty of the fresh bouquet in your hands. A shot of the bouquet in focus and group of girls waiting to catch it, blurred out in the background, will look amazing in your photo album.

With great photos, you can look back on this day through your wedding photo album and tell the story about your special day over and over. It will also be nice to share these photos with the people who could not be present at the wedding.

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Captured through the lens of a seasoned photographer, images possess the power of the best prose. Weddings are one of the most anticipated occasions in one’s life. A wedding vow counts as one of the most momentous decisions of one’s life. You really would want the best images to retrace your steps down the aisle. Therefore, when you choose your Wedding Photographer, take care to learn a little about the quality of services offered in the past. Because your photographer’s past may well determine the future of your photographs. Glimpse through three of the important factors you need to consider when zeroing in on the best wedding photographer.

Wedding photography is truly niche

The most successful wedding photographers have either trained formally or have mastered it by instinct, experience, many trials and some errors. A photographer naturally blessed with an eye for the greatest images will pan the best shots.  Choose a wedding photographer who specialises in it. Do not go by his reputation in other areas of photography. You definitely are not a running deer in the wilds of the Serengeti. You are an impressively dressed newlywed, stepping into holy matrimony.  And it needs to be captured in the most vivid and lucid manner.   `

Collaborative and flexible

Some of the greatest experts sometimes get stumped by ideas from novices. Being open to suggestions is definitely the hallmark of a good and creatively receptive photographer. Some aspects of a wedding may have more sentimental value and connect to individuals, and this may require to be highlighted. The photographer needs to accommodate such requests in the larger interests.  The professionalism of the photographer is most important.

Candid photography reigns

Unlike a very formal business interaction, a wedding is a unique blend of solemnising a rite, in addition to a wonderful union. Great care is taken by guests to arrive at the wedding, in all their very best. This is the ideal occasion to freeze frames of joy and happiness, naturally. Select a photographer who has mastered the knack of capturing vividly the sheer joy and ecstasy of a wedding atmosphere.

A stifled laugh, a shy and demure smile, the reading from the pulpit, the sharing of the cake, are all memories that one can never forget. It is best not to rue a wrong decision later on, but rather go in for the best photographer and enjoy nostalgic memories for ever.

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Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth.  Couples choose exotic locations for celebrating nuptials.  It is a testimony of the importance attached to the occasion and the need for a picture-perfect location. With a lot of importance riding on how good the outdoors are in these locations, it is necessary to choose the right destination.  Equally important is the need to hire a local photographer to give you arresting photography.  Here are compelling reasons to choose Leicester and a local photographer for awe-inspiring wedding pictures. Read more »

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A wedding is an union of not just the couple but a bonding among families. Pets are considered a part of family for many, and it is only natural that pets have some part in the nuptials. Wedding photos that showcase the adorable pets complete the picture. While the opportunities to get pets in the frame are endless, it is important to get the right picture to go in the album. Of the many shots that are possible, the following three will reflect warmth and the human-pet bonding. Unleash your creativity and improvise on the shots outlined below.  Read more »

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A wedding is once in a lifetime event. Any brides would want everything to be perfect – the dress, the food, the decorations, and the photographs. However, it is a bitter fact that most of the things that go into making a wedding beautiful and memorable are temporary. The food gets eaten, the flowers used in the decoration wither, the reception ends and the gorgeous wedding dress is stowed away in a corner of the closet., The most permanent thing about your wedding day will be the memories and wedding photographs.

Choosing a professional wedding photographer is not something you do every day. So before you embark on this part of your wedding planning adventure, it is important to determine the qualities that help make the difference between an average wedding photographer and an amazing one.  Read more »