To be perfectly honest I don’t like talking about myself very much, but I’ve been told that I have to have an ‘about me’ page on the website so here goes.


I’ll start with the basics, I’m Ben I’m 28 and I’m a wedding photographer. I didn’t aspire to be a wedding photographer. When I was 10 I wanted to Drive a Road Train in Australia, then I wanted to be a Policeman, then a professional football player, ( a dream that shattered when I realised how hopeless I was, think Stevie Wonder with a twisted ankle. )


It was actually incidental that I became a photographer, I went to college with aspirations of Mathematics, Physics, Psychology and another subject that thinking about it I can’t actually remember now. All grown up subjects leading to who knows what. Anyway on induction day I dropped half of them and took up arty subjects instead.


I loved it. Great fun it was. I got to take photos which was great, I pretended to be intellectual, passed two years snapping away and inadvertently learning how to take a good picture by trial and error. As it turned out apparently I have a good eye for a photo and so at 19 I took the plunge and shot my first wedding, the rest as they say is history.


Having never worked for another photographer I’ve developed a business acumen all my own, and a style personal to me. On a wedding day I tend to take far too many photos, often between 1500-2000. I spend as short a time as possible on the formal photos never rushing them of course. Keeping them fun and interesting, but getting everyone back to the jovialities of the day as soon as possible.


I tend to blend into the background capturing all those moments when people forget I’m around. This kind of style is often referred to as reportage or storybook photography. I’m a big believer in it as I think it gets the best results by far, and makes for the best memories.


That’s my work life. As for things about me, I enjoy traveling, surfing, cycling and climbing. Good food and Wine are always winners hence why I’m passionate about Italy, I’d very much like to move there some day.


So there’s a bit about me.