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When it comes to the big day, most brides and some grooms have a clear idea of the kind of wedding they want to have. They spend a lot of time in deciding on the perfect spot to exchange their vows and promise to spend the lifetime together. Many couples even decide on the decoration, guest list, set up, feast and other arrangements for the wedding. However, for capturing this special day, they feel like their job is complete when they hire a good wedding photographer.

This means that when your wedding album arrives, everything is a surprise for you and the photographer may or may not have captured the kind of shots you. It is always helpful to create a list of shots that you want to be taken on the big day and hand it over to your wedding photographer. There is nothing worse than looking at your wedding album and realizing that you do not have a perfect family photo or a photo with your close friends.

Most photographers capture the moments of the exchange of vows, the exchange of rings, the kiss, the cake cutting, and other standard but important shots. However, there are other shots you can ask them to capture based on your preferences.

Here are three wedding shots you absolutely need.

The Prep Shot: A shot capturing both you and your partner getting ready for this grand day is a must. Ask your photographer to capture these shots for the groom and the bride. Brides take more time to get ready and capturing one of her moments, perhaps when a bridesmaid is setting up the veil, would look amazing. Grooms can get this shot captured when they are adjusting their tie or bow.

The Shoe Shot: This shot is especially recommended for brides. The beautiful pair of heels may spend the evening being covered by the wedding gown. So, make sure they get the spotlight they deserve. Get a perfect click of your shoes before the evening arrives. Posing as if you are advancing in your stilettos towards your new life might make for a memorable click.

The Bouquet Shot: This detailed kind of a shot is recommended to capture the very essence of the day. So before you toss your bouquet, capture the beauty of the fresh bouquet in your hands. A shot of the bouquet in focus and group of girls waiting to catch it, blurred out in the background, will look amazing in your photo album.

With great photos, you can look back on this day through your wedding photo album and tell the story about your special day over and over. It will also be nice to share these photos with the people who could not be present at the wedding.

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