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A wedding is an union of not just the couple but a bonding among families. Pets are considered a part of family for many, and it is only natural that pets have some part in the nuptials. Wedding photos that showcase the adorable pets complete the picture. While the opportunities to get pets in the frame are endless, it is important to get the right picture to go in the album. Of the many shots that are possible, the following three will reflect warmth and the human-pet bonding. Unleash your creativity and improvise on the shots outlined below. 

Nothing to beat a pup in a tux

An adorable pup outfitted with a miniature tuxedo can turn the guests into animal lovers. A great picture would be with the pup cradled in the bride’s arms enroute to the wedding. A close up will highlight the contrast of the light shade of the bridal wear and the dark tuxedo worn by the pup. The expression of absolute comfort of the pet in the arms of the bride and her cheer captured in soft diffused lighting can steal hearts.

Placard to profess love

Nothing can be more symbolic than a pet with a placard professing love. Pets are known for their unconditional love. A pre-wedding shoot with a pet in the foreground and the couple in the background would be a wonderful way to express love. This needs to be a posed photograph with the subjects peering into the camera. The natural expression of pets in the captured pose will create a strong emotional feel in the picture.

Walk down the aisle with flower girls

Pets that are cutely dressed up can walk down the aisle with the flower girls. This could be a nice moment for candid photography to capture the instinctive behavior of curious pets. A well groomed pet, with the right amount of adornments can present a great picture of a cute and adorable pet. The magic of the moment is in the ability of the photographer to show the pet in a solemn mood. The combination of the cute dress, and the solemn expression can be a riveting frame.

Wedding photography captures the emotional connect of the couple and the guests, in addition to the tradition of nuptials. A great wedding album should ideally show all the wonderful elements of family and society coming together, to create everlasting memories.

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