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Curtain raisers increase interest in the actual event. Similarly, getting ready shots and candid photography have a natural attraction that make wedding albums more interesting.  Opportunities are aplenty to make for a riveting album through amazing getting ready shots. But, there are some shots that get eyeballs glued to an album. Profiled here, are four such shots that need to be a part of your frozen and timeless memories.

Being assisted with that adorable gown

Gushing and glowing in a carefully designed dress, brides are at their alluring best on the wedding day. The action that goes into putting the finishing touches of the gown on the bride, needs to be captured. The essence of the picture would portray how a bride becomes the cynosure, with a small team of excited bridesmaids and dress experts making the final adjustments. The look of eager anticipation on the bride, captured on lens with a half-turned face waiting for the back adjustments to complete will be an evergreen classic.

Glam up shots – the moment of makeover

Shots of the bride going through the makeover moments are sometimes the most thumbed through images. Everyone likes to have a peek at the moments where the bride gets transformed into an ethereal beauty walking up the aisle, in the gown and veil. Pictures of the makeup brush ever so softly transferring a fine layer of cosmetics to the adorable face are a beauty by itself, that retains interest forever.

Glimpses of girl fun

There is pure joy in the dressing room when girls get together. It is a moment when laughter is the loudest and spontaneous, where no one gets away. A special binding exists among girls, and a wedding, by being one of the biggest moments in a girl’s life is shared in equal joy among close friends. Never miss the opportunity of getting some of these moments pictured.

Quiet moments with proud parents

Often, the parents of the bride overflow with visible emotions as they witness their loving daughter transform into an elegant lady. These moments of pride will never cease to evoke fond memories, and will forever remain the happy tearjerkers.  Insist of freezing these moments of togetherness and the pure unadulterated look of joy on the family. These moments will stand out as some of the most positive, proud and strong emotions of the wedding.

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